Why Maths Spies for Maths tutoring?

  • Maths Spies is just me - one dedicated, NZ trained and qualified, experienced teacher. Your child will spend their whole time with me, not shared or passed on to student helpers or less experienced teachers.
  • I use equipment, visuals and games to help students develop an understanding of maths concepts. Being able to recite the times tables without a proper understanding of how to apply multiplication and division is meaningless.
  • I only take on a maximum total of 25 students (mix of group and one to ones) so I can build a strong rapport with each individual.
  • A maths session with me will NOT involve any time on screens or devices. These things can be useful to revise or practise skills already learnt but I do not believe they teach concepts.
  • Students feel confident and safe to ask questions, make mistakes and give things a go in the nurturing environment I'm able to create in one to ones or very small groups.
  • As I listen to students demonstrating how they are solving a maths problem I am able to pick up on misconceptions they hold, which will often go unnoticed in a busy classroom or in computer based tutoring.
  • I have a current Teacher practising certificate from the Education Council: registration number 329543.
  • I have 10 years recent class teaching experience in NZ classrooms so know the NZ curriculum and am up to date with current methods.
  • I know first-hand the difficulty of teaching a class of up to 30 students, and how some students will struggle to meet their full potential in this environment - whether that be mastering the basics or challenging themselves to the next level.
  • I have researched the specific problems that students with dyslexia and dyscalculia may have with maths and have developed equipment and procedures to support them.
  • I help make Maths fun and easy, which boosts children’s confidence.
  • I have many happy students and parents who have seen a rapid change in confidence and excitement about maths (see Testimonials.)