When? Lessons can take place before, during or after school, depending on my availability, the student's availability and whether your child's school allows tutoring during class time.

Where? Lessons usually take place at your child's school but can sometimes be offered at your home.

One to Ones

In these lessons your child gets my undivided attention for 45 minutes. I plan lessons completely devoted to supporting their needs and next steps.

Students with low maths confidence, maths anxiety, with specific learning needs or gifted and talented tend to do better in these classes.

One to one lessons cost $50 or $450 for 10 prepaid lessons plus travel if appropriate.

Small group lessons

At some Primary and Intermediate schools in the Nelson area I run small groups (maximum of 3 students.) I aim to match students according to their next steps and who will work well together. These group lessons work well for students who are supportive of one another, willing and able to participate in collaborative work and can remain focused on the work. If I don't have an existing group running at your child's school then it may be possible to start one up. This is much easier if you already know another student at a similar level who would like lessons too. Please enquire.

Small group lessons cost $35 or $300 for 10 prepaid lessons.